Find A Golden

Goldens at the BeachBefore You Buy

The Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA) site is a wealth of knowledge.  Their section on Find A Golden contains information on the following topics.  Please explore the site to answer many of your questions!

Topics on the GRCA site include:

  • Begin the Search - is a Golden Retriever Right for You?
  • About Breeders
  • Where to Find a Golden?
  • More Topics Before You Buy

Increase your odds of finding a Golden puppy that will meet your needs and expectations by investing the time to become an educated Golden Retriever purchaser.

As you begin your search here are two handy guides to help you as you begin to contact breeders:

- GRCA's Guide to Selecting a Breeder

- Understanding Health Clearances

Finally, when you find your puppy, remember to enroll him in a Puppy Kindergarten class.